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Welcome to pyro_itest. This place is your typical icontest but centered around the incredibly awesome Pyro from the X-Men movies. Each week images and a word theme will be posted and your job is to make icons. And just to let you know I'm a Pyro x Kitty shipper so there may be some manip challenges.

NOTE: This icontest is based on Pyro from the X-MEN MOVIES ONLY.

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-only members can take part in challenges.
-all icons must be centered around Pyro/John Allerdyce/Aaron Stanford.
-if images are used they must be from official X-Men movie media.
-they must be freshly made.
-they may not be displayed or submitted elsewhere prior to the challenge or while the challenge/voting is running.
-icons must fit livejournal icon standards. (100x100 pixels or 40kb or less.)
-animated icons are allowed.

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-each participant can only submit two icons per challenge unless otherwise specified.
-challenges will run for a week.
-all icons must be in by the specified night at 8:00 a.m. PACIFIC.
-submit on the comment like this:

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-voting will run for three days from the challenge.
-vote for 3 icons on the vote post.


##, ##, ##

-vote only once.
-do not vote for yourselves.
-do not get your friends to vote for you.
-do not create multiple accounts to vote for yourself.
-all votes will be screened.

The way voting is tallied is that your first place choice is given 3 points, your second 2 points, and your third 1 point.

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Began: July 5, 2006.
Moderator/Owner: mubee
Banner Makers: mubee